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Amy Camie

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Certified Clinical Musician & Keynote Speaker
I enjoy my work as: Book Author, Podcast Guest, Public Speaker, Panel Participant, Workshop Facilitator, Online Course Provider, In Person Services Provider, Virtual Events Presenter, In Person Events Participant, Corporate Wellness Specialist, Participant in Collaborative Projects, Teacher, Mentor

As a Certified Clinical Musician, Professional & Therapeutic Harpist, & Conscious Self-Care Advocate my joy is expressing my love, living my truth and empowering others to do the same.

I’m a classically trained, spiritual, ‘healing harpist’ who loves sharing music that simply flows through me. Over the last 20 years I’ve recorded many CDs that help with sleep, pain, stress and anxiety.  It’s taken years to open to this magical language of the soul, moving from my head into my heart has been a journey in and of itself. Thankfully, my husband, John and I have traveled this spiritual path together, manifesting his soul’s gift of The ORIGIN Methodology of Self-Discovery. It is through this process of self-discovery that I have found and truly connected to my purpose, passion and joy.

I’m passionate about empowering others with the understanding of how resonance, sympathetic resonance, forced resonance and entrainment affect and influence everything in our lives – because everything is energy. “Conscious Self-Care” programs demonstrate these powerful concepts in practical ways which expand and enhance our way of being with ourselves and others.

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Bio: Amy Camie is a Certified Clinical Musician, Spiritual Harpist, Conscious Self-Care Advocate, Recording Artist, Inspirational Speaker, Author of “Loving Life…all of it – A Walk with Cancer, Compassion and Consciousness” and Co-Initiator of The ORIGIN Methodology of Self-Discovery.  She has presented over 200 seminars and workshops for local, regional and national audiences on vibrational resonance, the healing power of music, and conscious self-care. She is a contributing author to two international books, “The Spiritual Significance of Music” and “LOVE LIVE FORGIVE.”  Her solo harp CDs have been used in several pilot research studies indicating how they increase neurological functioning, support the immune system and reduce pain, distress and anxiety levels.  Amy’s CDs are used throughout the world in hospitals, cancer centers, hospices, and nursing homes as well as for general relaxation and stress reduction.  As one woman once said, “You touch others in such a deep place with your music…because it comes from such a deep place inside of you.”

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Certified Clinical Musician

Amy Camie

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