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Kim Marie’s Why: “I’ve been bringing people together and responding to the needs of businesses and corporations for decades, and it was a natural fit.”

Kim Marie Pauline DLM, CNS, CNC, CPT, PES & CES, Health, Fitness & Lifestyle Medicine Strategist, #1 International Best-Selling Author, and Pro Athlete

“I am ecstatic to be a Co-owner of the Wellness Universe. I feel like I found my home by connecting with Anna over the past seven years and participating in the Wellness Universe community. There was no better time than now for me to give back even more to the community that so readily builds up and supports its members in every result-producing way possible. I couldn’t think of a better way to add more meaning to what I do in my life than to collaborate with the rest of the hand-picked Senior Partners and Advisory Board Members to drive growth for The Wellness Universe. Thank you, Anna, for carrying the torch for so many years. We believe in you and the Wellness Universe so much we’ve stepped up to help continue aligning your vision while using operating principles to reinforce your values as we grow The Wellness Universe to new heights.”


Kim Marie Pauline, Senior Partner and Advisory Board Member

About Kim

#1 Best-selling Author in The Wellness Universe Guide to Complete Self-Care:
25 Tools for Stress Relief: Peak Sports Performance Mindset – Eliminate Anxiety On & Off the Field
25 Tools for Happiness: Ingredients For a Happy Life – The Secret Sauce That Helps You Be and Do Your Best
25 Tools to Achieve Anything: Food As Medicine – The Key to Peak Athletic Performance, Sexual Health, and Longevity

Kim has been seen on Entertainment Tonight, Health and Fitness Magazine, T.V. Commercials, magazine ads, Health Tips Radio, and as an expert in countless podcasts.

Kim has coached thousands of highly successful leaders worldwide. She helps people align their thoughts, words, and actions while gaining even more self-awareness and congruency. Bringing together the skills and mindset leaders need to run their personal and professional lives.

Kim founded, cracking the code on physical and mental performance. Kim empowers achievers globally to develop and sustain the Mind, Body, and Spirit of a Champion.

When Kim was born, she had a cast from the waist down and, eventually, a metal bar down the sides of her legs to help turn her feet and hips out while they formed and grew. Doctors thought she might never walk. Coupled with being an overweight child, Kim knows what it’s like to overcome challenges. Especially when well-meaning teachers, preachers, and creatures tell you you can’t or won’t be able to do that because you’re not good enough. She privately struggled for years with anxiety, self-doubt, remorse, and self-sabotage. Then Kim decided to take charge of her life. (Interested in more of my story? Please read it on my Wellness Universe Profile page.)

Kim desperately searched for answers via conventional medicine to find out what was wrong with her. But instead, found that traditional medicine could not help her. So she traveled the world working with some of the best colleges, universities, and top practitioners who discovered NLP. She found that nothing was wrong with her. She had the power to change herself by utilizing the tools she learned to heal her body, mind, and spirit.

Kim Pauline is bridging the great divide and driving the integration of fitness and healthcare to fuel positive client outcomes.

Global Fitness Industry Expert delivers life-changing results for individuals, providing strategies to remove obstacles to overcome physical and emotional blocks. Leverages clients’ ability to reach peak performance in body and mind to improve energy, vitality, relationships, well-being, and life success. Provides services to professional athletes, high-success individuals, medical-based gyms, and preventative healthcare physicians, delivering results via lifestyle medicine, NLP, fitness, nutrition, and sports psychology for over 20 years.

Kim Marie also developed a teens and tweens program that teaches what they don’t get in school yet what is needed to succeed in everyday life. As a result, many teens have earned full or partial scholarships to the school of their choice.

Founder, President, & CEO of WellnessBod: Jan 2002 – Present

  • Founded business on the concept of integrating a unique combination of nutrition, athletic training, and lifestyle medicine coaching methodology to support clients’ needs and goals.
  • Provided clients with a comprehensive, multifactorial, and customized array of natural, functional medicine, diagnoses, services, treatment, and care.
  • Developed innovative “Shape Up” program, providing a combination of a life plan and roadmap for families to increase opportunities for quality and healthy living.
  • Created a company to enable wide-ranging services across lab testing, teen and tween programs, transformational adult personal training, health practice partnerships, and corporate wellness programs.
  • Utilized patient healthcare tools to identify and fulfill goals.
  • Advanced Bloodwork: Micronutrient Testing – of intracellular levels of 35 different Vitamins, Minerals, and Amino Acids
  • Cardio Metabolic Testing – including Lipoprotein Particle Size Numbers
  • Male and Female Hormone Panels
  • Thyroid and Adrenal Panels
  • Clinical and Fitness Assessments
  • Functional Movement Screening
  • Applied Kinesiology and Bio-feedback
  • Detoxification of Food Stressors, Environmental and Toxic Chemicals
  • Weight Management for Peak Athletic Performance, Sexual Health, and Longevity, Mitigate
  • Diabetes and Heart Disease
  • Galvanic Skin Response: Wellness Scan, Foods for Wellness & Optimal Performance Scan, Digestion Scan, Hydration Scan, Immunity Scan, Lifestyle Scan, and Advanced Scan.
  • Oversee Corporate Wellness Programs that include: weight management for individuals as well as groups, lunch and learn seminars, couples and group training, family and kids Shape Up Program, AM – PM fitness sessions, Wellness and Food Scans, health/fitness assessments, consultations.
  • Built reputation as one of the top fitness experts globally by combining transformational peak performance, lifestyle medicine, health, and wellness coaching.

International Faculty Member

Gayo Fitness Academy Jan 2009 – Present- India, Dubai, Singapore

Facilitated various courses to certify individuals in Health, Fitness, Personal Training, Sports Nutrition, Supplementation, Bodybuilding Coaching, Fitness Business Marketing, and Methodologies to maximize revenue and customer experience.

Affiliated with Mumbai University and Brussels University.

International Director, Examiner & Professor

PROPTA Muscle Fitness Management 2007 – Present United States, Canada, Mexico, U.K., Australia, Spain, Singapore, IndiaUnited States, Canada, Mexico, U.K., Australia, Spain, Singapore, India

  • Certified Physicians, Physical Therapists, Nutritionists, and Personal Trainers in personal training, nutrition technician, nutrition consulting, and supplementation; teach continuing education courses in fitness, health, and nutrition.

Body Chemistry Fitness Center

Independent Master Trainer & Clinical Nutrition Specialist 2005 – Present, Norwood, New Jersey, United States

  • Independent Fitness Manager to clients and exercise idea generator incorporating different methods to maintain intensity when training, whether with less rest between sets, more sets, more reps, or higher weight.
  • Use progressive overload workouts to maximize hypertrophy. Incorporate cardiovascular fitness, fitness testing, aerobics, stretching, and weight training into fitness programs.

Founder & CEO

Proven Plan For Success & NutraMetrix Feb 2002 – Present United States, Canada, Mexico, United Kingdom, Australia, Spain, Taiwan, Singapore

  • Provide education and science-based solutions to help patients improve their health and achieve wellness goals by providing customized wellness, education, testing, and online solutions for licensed health care providers.
  • Meet with principal owners and health professionals to determine the needs and goals of the practice and patients. Survey and analyze requirements, and propose a solution to illustrate what products, services, and solutions the office is comfortable providing to patients.
  • Generate solutions for staff career advancement, education, and incentives that help them while teaching brand management to support activities that generate revenue.
  • Teach AMA Accredited Courses in clinical nutrition, weight management, Nutra-genetics, inflammation pathways, blood sugar support, and more.
  • Test for genetic variations that affect how the body handles nutrition; provide each patient with a lifestyle action plan and customized nutritional formula to suit their Nutra-genetic needs.
  • Instruct on how to custom-design nutritional formulas for each patient.


Doctor of Lifestyle Medicine

Zenaida P. Gonzago MD – Pediatrician Jan 2017 – Dec 2019 New Jersey, United States

  • Partnered with medical practice to launch and manage kids’ programs, positively impacting thousands of families; multiple children achieved double-digit weight loss, significant body fat % reduction, and improved mental health.

Director, Examiner & Professor

American Academy of Personal Training Jan 2017 – Dec 2018 Soho, New York

  • Facilitated certification courses for AAPT Personal Training – Exercise Physiology Certificate/Diploma, NASM Certified Personal Trainer, Corrective Exercise Specialization, and Fitness Nutrition Specialization.


Bull Shark Mixed Martial Arts

Group Mixed Martial Arts Instructor & Clinical Nutrition Specialist Jan 2009 – Dec 2018 Hackensack, New Jersey, United States

  • Conducted one-on-one and group classes for personal training, sports nutrition, weight management, kickboxing, and lifestyle medicine; generated over 50% additional revenue with six new service offerings.
  • Boosted membership bases by 45% and class retention by 39% due to significant client results, including the adult population losing an average of 10% body fat and children reducing by 7.5% on average.

Exercise Science & Physical Education Internship Program Supervisor

Montclair State University Jan 2015 – Dec 2016 Montclair, New Jersey, United States

  • Provided real-life work experience for Exercise Science and Physical Education students.


Larry Kurzner – Vice President Corporate Development and Alliances October 3, 2020, Larry was Kim Marie’s client

“I have had the sincere pleasure of knowing Kim for eight years. In that time, I have grown to respect her knowledge of the body and how to help people (Me) achieve emotional and physical goals and objectives. As a competitive Masters athlete (I am a rower), I have had many physical struggles and injuries over the years. However, as I started a complete program with Kim, balanced with the proper nutrition and motivation has helped me achieve the best shape and minor pain I have had in 10 + years.

As a human being, Kim is bright, thoughtful, warm, and caring. So her personality and knowledge have created the perfect clinician, coach, and friend to work with to optimize my lifestyle. For that, I am thankful and also can not recommend a person any more highly.”

Laurence Kurzner


Anna Pereira Chairwoman Soul Ventures – The Wellness Universe, CEO | Wellness for All | Corporate & Group Wellness | SoulTreat Retreat Producer | #1 International Best Selling Author | Women Owned Impact Business | Mentor | Community Builder August 7, 2020, Anna Pereira 

“It is truly an honor to leave a recommendation for the most wonderful Kim Marie. As the founder of The Wellness Universe, over the course of 6 years, I have gotten to know several coaches, therapists, doctors, speakers, and healers (over 3500). When you find someone who truly shines, embodies their work, is professional, dependable, kind, and effective, you keep returning for more! That is Kim Marie!

We met in person several years ago, and she has been a Premium Plus member of The Wellness Universe for the better part of W.U.’s existence. Kim’s WellnessBod program changes lives as she is not only educated in many facets of health but passionate about authentically changing someone’s life. Mind, body, and spirit. With thousands of members to go to, I go-to Kim time and time again. We have represented W.U. at the U.N. for Women in Sports, and Kim has represented W.U. to vet medical devices and supplement products, including potential partners’ business model(s), to name a few of the ways.

Some more words that describe Kim Marie: Compassionate, tough, trustworthy, focused, kind, wise, keen, problem-solver, driven, ambitious, heart-centered, goal-oriented, people-centric, easy to work with, responsive, and the list goes on…

I will go to Kim EVERY time for Collaboration, consultation, speaking, authoring, leading, and co-creating anything I can. She is a beautiful person inside and out with professional experience and reliability hard to find. I strongly encourage working with Kim Marie. She is an asset to any organization or individual. If you want to work with someone you can trust and helps you to the life you want to live or teaches your organization and empowers a group. Please connect with her. Highly recommend!

Please message me if you need further information on working with Kim. I am happy to give a personal recommendation.

Thank you, Kim, for your dedication to health and wellness and your life’s work. You are next to none, and I am blessed to know you and have you in W.U. and my life!! Nothing but love for you.”

Anna Pereira

PROPTA Institute for Fitness and Nutrition – CEO PROPTA April 19, 2010, PROPTA was Kim Marie’s client

“Kim Marie Pauline is a Director/Examiner for the Personal Trainers Association. She is a professional athlete with a massive background in Fitness and Nutrition. PROPTA has hired Kim to work for the company because of her dedication and experience. PROPTA recommends Kim Marie Pauline to whoever would like to hire her. If you want results, you can count on her.”

Honors & Awards:

Clinical Nutritionist & Personal Trainer of the Year – National Multiple Sclerosis Foundation voted patients most changed in a year of working with Kim. May 2006.

Advanced Degrees:

Lifestyle Medicine – ACLM Practitioner Certification • American College of Lifestyle Medicine
Neuroscience – Continued Advanced Education, Neuro Associative Programming, & Neuro-Linguistic Programming • NAP Academy
The University of the State of New York at Albany teaching license; Full Nutrition Curriculum, Exercise Physiology & Personal Training
International Board-Certified Director & Examiner for PRO PTA; Professional Personal Trainers Association (Affiliated with the IFBB & NFL)
Board Certified Diplomat of The American Association of Nutritional Consultants (CNC)
Board Certified Clinical Sports Psychology Counselor
Board Certified Nutrition Specialist (CNS)
M.S., Clinical Nutrition, Holistic Health, Applied Kinesiology & Bio-Feedback • Academy of Natural Health Sciences
BASc, Dietetics & Clinical Nutrition Services • Syracuse University
BS/BFA, Digital Branding, Graphic Design, & Health Promotion • Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University
AAS, Advertising & Marketing Communications, Fashion Illustration and Photography • Fashion Institute of Technology


American Board of Lifestyle Medicine (ABLM)
American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M) Diplomate Member
American Academy of Personal Trainers (AAPT)
American Academy of Nutrition Counselors (AANC)- Diplomate Member
PRO Personal Trainers Association (PRO PTA)
Certified Performance Nutritionist (CPN)
Functional Movement Screen Certified (FMA & SFMA)
Parrillo Performance, Certified Master Level Trainer
Certified MS Exercise Trainer
Performance Enhancement Specialist (NASM-PES)
Corrective Exercise Specialist (NASM-CES)
Certified Personal Trainer (NASM-CPT)
International Federation of Body Builders (IFBB)
National Physique Committee (NPC)

30+ years in traditional business.

She is recognized as an authority worldwide in the Health and Fitness Industry.

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