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Our $23,000 Contest! Win 1 of 7 Prizes – just refer a friend :)

8 replies, 3 participants Last updated by  Rosi Goldsmith 2 months ago
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    The Wellness Universe


    Welcome to our WU contest WU World-Changer! Refer as many WU World-Changers for a chance to win 1 of 7 prize packs totaling over $23,000!

    We know no-one knows better than you the PERFECT PERSON for WU and we would love for them to be part of our community and a resource for the world. Every new WU World-Changer that is referred by YOU counts as 1 entry!

    Check out these AWESOME Prize Packs!

    1 Grand Prize: Over $3800 Value
    Amazon Gift Card $300
    1 Year Premium Plus
    Mega Prize Pack (Value $3200+)

    1 First Prize: Over $3400 Value
    Amazon Gift Card $200
    Mega Prize Pack (Value $3200+)

    2 Winners for Second Prize: Over $3300 Value
    Amazon Gift Card $100
    Mega Prize Pack (Value $3200+)

    3 Winners for Third Prize: Over $3200 Value
    Amazon Gift Card $50
    Mega Prize Pack (Value $3200+)


    Here are the rules:

    1. Have your referral sign up to WU as a WU World-Changer –
    2. In the last field of the form, they MUST put your name in the field ‘Enter invite code, name of person who referred you or tell us how you heard about us’.
    3. Your name will be entered into our contest and you get 1 entry for every referral who gets approved to be a WU World-Changer, without limit. The more referrals, the better your chances of winning.
    4. 1 prize per WU World-Changer.
    5. Upon contest close, we will randomly pick 6 winners and you will be notified and sent your prize(s) within 72 business hours of being announced as a winner.
    6. Contest will be open until we have 250 new members from WU World-Changer referrals.
    7. Every WU World-Changer is eligible to enter and win.
    8. Winners will be announced and messaged on

    Ideas to invite your network:

    1. Directly email them. Here is some suggested copy:
    Dear ____________

    You may know by now that I am part of this amazing community with over 3000 members, The Wellness Universe, and wanted to personally invite you to become a WU World-Changer.

    First, I want to express how honored I am to be connected to you and of course you came to mind when the Founders of WU asked “Do you know anyone that would be a great fit for WU?” Being a respected contributor to making the world a better place, I think you have so much to offer and gain from becoming a WU World-Changer. I love it and find personal and professional support, my reach has expanded, and I have a great place to publish my work as well as hold classes, and it’s free to join! Since 2014, the Founders, Anna Pereira and Shari Alyse, have made it their mission to create an authentic, vetted community of resources that make the world a better place in these areas of wellness: Emotional, Environmental, Intellectual, Occupational, Physical, Social and Spiritual.

    I hope you will join. I just ask one important favor, please include my name in the last field of the form where it asks where you heard of WU from (thank you so much for doing that!). Here is the link to join:

    2. Share on social media. (Use above copy for some inspiration)
    3. Invite people to WU from functions you attend (workshops, conferences, events, etc.)
    4. Ask your friends to share for you!

    Thank you to our Upgraded WU World-Changer Sponsors! Here are their AMAZING gifts for you!! Holy cannoli!

    Each Mega Prize Pack Includes:

    1. One-on-one session with Erika Laszlo, Transformational teacher, coach, author, communication trainer and Creator of SuperConscious Self-Coaching™© “Create a new life path, eliminate the fear and past traumas with the proprietary method, SuperConscious Self-Coaching™© that instantly changes your life forever” 1 Hour Session Value: $639

    2. 5-Day Client Attraction Course & Blueprint from Lisa Meisels, Online Visibility & Impact Catalyst How to Attract Your Dream Clients Online with the 5-Day Client Attraction Course & Blueprint Value: $497

    3. Get a Website Audit from Gloria Grace Rand, Online Visibility Mentor. Receive a complete audit to determine why your website is not generating the traffic you think it should or why your sales and conversions are not improving. Value: $497

    4. The Betrayal to Breakthrough Home Study 6-week program from Dr. Debi Silber, founder of Based on the findings of Debi’s PhD study on how women experience betrayal-what holds them back and what helps them heal, the 6-week program includes everything you need to move you forward and help heal from a painful betrayal experience. Value: $297

    5. 45-minute “Super-boost Your Blog to Badass” Strategy Session with Brave Healer Laura DiFranco. This session will give bloggers a chance to brainstorm, get ideas, tips, tricks and resources to not only improve their blogs, but understand how to get more exposure for their blogs. Value: $200

    6. Dr. Dolores Fazzino, DNP, Nurse Practitioner, Energy Medicine Specialist, Retreat Facilitator, Author and Speaker offers you a 30-minute Attunement and Activation Session to raise your vibration to access the 12th dimensional healing portals.  Value $200

    7. Cheryl Meyer, Health Coach and Author, Cheryl M Health Muse, Inc. is offering a 30-minute ‘Tell Me Your Health Story’ Session and a 1-hour Coaching session to inspire you to lead a healthier life based your health history. Value: $150.00

    8. Book Writing Course from Lynda Goldman, Book coach, author and publishing expert; Start Writing Your Bestseller, an online independent-study course that helps you create your best-selling book! Value: $149

    9. Moira Hutchison, Tarot Card Reading. You’ll find that Moira offers a gentle and empathetic way of bringing in meaningful information which has often been called remarkable by those who have worked with her. She shares messages and guidance that provides peace, reassurance and confirmation to those who wish to know what their future may hold. Value $125

    10. Personal coaching session and Gratitude Affirmations e-book from Samantha Cervino – Energy healer Reiki & EFT Tapping- Self-development coach- Writer, WU Ambassador. In my coaching session I will guide you and put together a plan for you to follow so you can overcome any difficulty you may be facing. Value: $100.00

    11. L.E. Saba will edit 1 blog post, professionally for you! In addition, she offers you a $300 discount on her book editing services (Stylistic editing of a 50,000 word manuscript)


    Thank you for participating in this contest and most of all, referring amazing folks over to WU.

    PS – If you are reading this in your Email – please come to the thread in our private Premium & Premium plus group to comment on this thread or ask questions.


  • #60648

    Rosi Goldsmith

    I’m still attempting to refer colleagues. Is the contest still open?

    • #60661

      The Wellness Universe

      Hello Rosi! YES! Contest is still open 🙂



  • #62786

    Asit Ghosh

    I am not sure about the code which should be added with the link which my referred applicants have to mention. Does the code which I create e.g. ‘AsitGhosh08’ need to be registered with WU or can just be added. I tried the link

    But, it gives error 404

    I need more clarity on this..

    can anyone help?


  • #62788

    Asit Ghosh

    I’m on sure on how to add my code. Does the code I create need to be registered before being added to the link?

    I tried using this link after adding the code I created but this brings ERROR 404


    • This reply was modified 2 months, 1 week ago by  Asit Ghosh.
    • #62800

      The Wellness Universe

      Hello @asitghosh – Thank you for sending people our way! Do not add your name to the link. Give the link to who you wish to join WU and tell them to put your code on the application in the last field. 🙂

      Hope this helps


  • #62985

    Asit Ghosh

    How to embed Link in the promo banner  to be posted in social media?

    • #63009

      The Wellness Universe

      Hi Asit – received your email and replied. There is no way to embed a link to images you upload to social media. You can only do that in blog posts, emails, and your website. You have to include links in the caption of the image by typing it in.

      Hope this helps


  • #63078

    Rosi Goldsmith

    Hi, Anna,

    Only one of my friends so far (I referred  several!) told me he signed up. Not sure if he used my link properly? How would I know if he registered using my name?



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