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Vivian Fleitstra

Health Coaching for Busy Women

Body Confidence Coach - helping women break free of food & body and life struggles so they can start living an amazing life.

I’m Vivian and I’m here to inspire you to step into a body AND life you absolutely love. A life free of food and body struggles.  A life full of fun, zest, connection, joy, adventure, happiness…and all the goodness you crave. 

Embracing a holistic perspective of health, my background started in Human Resources and technology.  My love of working out blossomed into fitness & spinning instructor, followed with a constant struggle to keep the weight off and live a healthy lifestyle, I was always interested in healthy habits but struggled with dieting.  I found the Institute of Integratie Nutrition and studied over 100 dietary theories and discovered the foods and lifestyle habits that help me maintain my weight without the constant fluctutation and at the same time enjoy life's pleasures.  I have taken my knowledge and experienced and used to coach women in these areas, in addition to nutrition education to aduts and teens in local college and schools in surrounding areas.

I am also a mom and author of Well Cared 4 body blog, containing healty alternative recipes and healthy lifestyle strategies for weightloss and a healthy life ( I love helping people.  I love the planet, and that we are privileged to share this great place together.  I enjoy Gardening, dancing,  art, hanging out with friends, and spending time in nature makes my heart smile and completes me.   I’m passionate about helping people like you feel whole and discover the beauty within you and find solutions to what seem to be insurmountable problems.


Vivian Fleitstra

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