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Victoria Virissimo Moore

Balanced Intentional Living

Victoria, a wife and mother, who is passionate about researching natural and holistic alternatives to improve the body and how it functions, created Yogi Mami in 2009. With experience and knowledge on topics such as holistic pregnancy, natural childbirth, prenatal exercise, breastfeeding, as well as natural cures and treatments for common ailments for adults, babies, children and even pets!

Since the day she found out she was going to be a mother she has really taken hold of her passion for learning about childbirth and her new role of being a mom.  Victoria had wonderful, natural birthing experiences at Best Start Birth Center with her daughter in 2009 and her son in 2011. Her fast, drug free labors were attributed to the variety of mind body techniques she practiced to help reduce pain during labor and speed up the birthing process. She has been dedicated to studying different techniques and modalities that can help woman during the process and enjoys sharing her knowledge with other mothers. Victoria understands the pregnant body and mind and is interested in empowering women to understand how they can birth with freedom and joy.

Victoria has experience with using natural alternatives as a means to cope with many difficult pregnancy symptoms such as morning sickness, headaches, sciatica and an uncomfortable case of pelvic girdle separation.  Her experiences sparked her desire to share her knowledge with anyone and everyone who could benefit. Preferring to take a naturalistic approach to health and wellness to help balance the mind and body using holistic modalities such as yoga, meditation, herbs, food and other natural methods. Offering advice to friends and family proved to be successful when providing suggestions to many common ailments using simple, natural household items. Her blog often contains information such as vitamins and supplements that increase fertility, safe homeopathic ingredients to have on hand for infants and children, and ways to improve overall health and wellbeing.

Victoria enjoys sharing her love for yoga with her family and friends. She began practicing baby yoga with her children when they were just a couple days old. Watching the benefits…

Victoria Virissimo Moore

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