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Vanessa LaBarca

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A MOTHER'S LOVE My son Aiden, born in 2010, is the love of my life. When he began exhibiting signs of autism at the age of 2, my existence changed. To my fellow Warrior Mom's, you know what happened next. I dedicated my life to learning and finding a method of healing my child and reversing the damage that caused his autism.

My path: Asking God for guidance; Finding physicians specializing in a healing modality of medicine; Changing my family's lifestyle to an Organic Non GMO diet; and Utilizing costly medical options such as:

• CHELATION to remove the heavy metals that were introduced to Aiden's body through the over 45 vaccinations he was mandated to receive;
• HYPERBARIC OXYGEN THERAPY to increase atmospheric pressure forcing a higher concentration of oxygen into the body to boost cell repair;
• EXTENSIVE BLOOD WORK to track deficiencies and to establish a pure supplement and pro biotic regimen;
• STEM CELL THERAPY at Duke University utilizing Aiden's Cord Blood that was not exposed to the vaccinations containing the heavy metals; and
• PHYSICAL, SENSORY, EATING and countless other therapies.

My son is a fighter and with every passing day he gets one step closer to being damage free. If you would like to keep tabs on his progress, join me on Facebook where he always makes an appearance

My journey brought us to BEMER where I read: "Improve your life in 16 minutes""BEMER applications BOOST the blood flow, thus benefiting the body’s cardiac system, REGENERATIVE ABILITIES and even mental acuity. Imagine being better tomorrow than you are today"

After doing my research, attending seminars and hearing the testimonials, BEMER therapy is part of my family's daily regimen. Aiden, my love, you are almost there!!!

Vanessa LaBarca

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