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Vandana Atara

Vandana Light Healing

Vandana is a highly gifted accelerated light healer, sacred journey recording artist, spiritual coach, and transfomational teacher with a thriving practice in New York City. She travels and teaches all over the world. Her passion is to offer vibrational support to empower, inspire, & help people to experience infinite ease, joy, grace, & peace as their birthright & natural state of being.

Her soul journey is to hold a safe & sacred space for all sentient beings to unravel old stories, unlock false beliefs, & become aware of unconscious patterning & automatic programming from the past. She's helped hundreds of people remember who they are, express their divine essence , & cultivate the courage to unlock their greatest potential as an embodied channel of heaven and earth.

Vandana works with starseeds, sensitives, empaths, individuals on the autistic spectrum, or anyone who feels different on the planet. She's been gifted & downloaded with alchemical tools to help us all embody self-awareness & self-mastery. 

These multidimensional awarenesses organically unfolded from being a caregiver & Mom to her own adult son diagnosed with Aspergers. She pays it forward by drawing from her own wisdom & life experiences to empower & inspire other families.

Vandana’s Live Classes & Audio Downloads Include:

Inner Child Bonding - Child/Adult Integration

Receiving Blessings From Our Ancestral Lineage 

Connecting With Your Higher Self, Spirit Guides, & Guardian Angels

Inter-Dimensional Soul Retrieval

Vandana's most popular classes include: Learning how to see Auras and Past Lives, 5D Accelerated Light Healing Transmissions, Psychic Development for Children, Crystal Ball Divination Techniques, Ancestral Healing, and Healing Circles for Caregivers, The Natural Laws Of Vibrational Attraction, Intuitive Counseling Certification Workshops, Higher Dimensional Chakra Alignments, & Interdimensional Soul Retrieval Sessions.

Email: Contact: +1 (917) 301-6560


Vandana Atara

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