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Valerie Pizana

I Am An Entrepreneur of Life's Journey...

 I Am an Entrepreneur of Life's Journey...
Peace and Love is my anchor,
and I believe hugs are our greatest gifts to bond
each others  hearts and souls.
I love candles, I love the soft glow of the light and the scents relax me no matter what kind of day I had. After a few hours of burning my candle I get a little excited because there is a gift... A piece of jewelry inside.
It kind of reminds me of life a bit... You know when you have built up walls to keep yourself safe from being hurt, kind of like the walls of the candle. Then, when you open your heart with the warmth of love, peace, and compassion of life, kind of like the light of the flame in the center of the candle you start to melt away all the hurts, traumas, and the pain that you have been through on your journey of life... Then you finally see the true beauty of life, that spark in your eye's comes back, and a smile on your face you can share with the world, it's when you finally get to your core and let your inner light shine out to the world, when you find yourself again, because you are a beautiful jewel for the world to discover.
I love animals, growing up I was always bringing home strays of all sorts. My grandma always said animals were always drawn to me for whatever reason, it didn't matter to me I just knew I loved every one that crossed my path and I always tried to help them any way I could.

I came across The Wellness Universe and It has been amazing ! I found like minded people who are out to help others by cocreating together changing the world with love, peace, and believing in the greater good bringing light to be in lightning to everyone around.
I have a special place in my heart for animals, they are a true reflection of what unconditional love truely is... 

Valerie Pizana

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