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My name is Usman Mueen Baloch and I am a humble healer from Pakistan.I obtained a Master in Computer Science in 2000, and a Master in Commerce from Punjab University in Lahore. Years later, I discovered my real calling: healing.After studying Hijama (wet cupping), I developed a very successful practice. Patients with desperate cases would come and see me as their last resort, and, in most cases, I delivered results. However, I wanted to help more patients. I left my practice and slowly, through trial and tribulations, a solution emerged.I was given a special knowledge that allowed me to find a way to develop an energy healing system that called it “Hope Medicine,” as I can see hope for successful treatment and cure for serious diseases in ways I could not fathom before.I am very grateful for this blessing, as it allows me to help people anywhere around the world, people in great need, desperate or hopeless. Every time a patient improves or heals, it gives me great joy and fills my heart with a deep and genuine feeling of gratitude. I sincerely feel blessed.The power of this medicine is beyond anything I could imagine. Results obtained with “Hope Medicine” are short of miracles. Every day, I receive testimonials from people in my country, and slowly the word is out. Diabetes, heart conditions, cancer, severe skin conditions, kidney diseases, hepatitis, asthma, acute conditions… thousands of patients have benefited from “Hope Medicine.” You can see more information and testimonials at contains the energy of gems and mystery components to heal people's spirit, making it a truly holistic medicine as disease starts at the spiritual level and will not be healed until the spirit is healed.

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Helping Alleviate Pain and Suffering Among The Poor

Usman Baloch created HopeMedicine with one main goal in mind: to alleviate human suffering for people of any age, color, gender, religion, political preference or social status, who are affected by…

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