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Uriel Riley

If you can Breathe you can get better!

Uriel N Riley:        I Love to help people get better. I am a Pro Fitness instructor of 12 years that has traveled to 3 different continents training athletes and people of all in age to better their health and fitness level. I am also a certified Yoga instructor, published writer, music artist, and motivational speaker. Throughout working with people I have developed a technique of breathing , assisted stretching, and hand and foot reflexology that helps the body to function better and creates a healing process in the body. I call it Urhealing. For the duration that I have executed this technique I have accumulated astounding results. I've compiled the instruction of the technique in a soon to be released manual about Urhealing. My goal is to get this technique to people and athletes across the world to help everyone experience Urhealing technique. It can truly help so many people and essentially turns athletes into a sorta Super-athlete. Ihave worked this technique to help cure multiple diseases as well as all types of chronic pains. I am in serch of people that love to help people and experts of fitness background or health related interest to expand and certify others in the Urhealing technique. It has impacted a very long list of things and here are some of them:

Back Pains, Chronic arthritis, H.I.V, Cancer (stage 4), Limes Disease, Ataxia, Stiff Persons syndrome, Fibromyalgia, M.S, Alzheimers, ACL tears, MCl tears, Hamstring tears, Plantar Faciitis, chronic fatigue syndrome, insomnia... the list goes on

All these conditions and more have been helped or eliminated through this stretching technique. Please help me manifest help to expand and the financial backing to further the research for this all natural method. Thank you

Uriel Riley

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