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Trilby’s success story is one of transforming self-loathing into self-love one day at a time and becoming the master of her life.


Trilby Johnson is an Emotional Breakthrough Alchemist & Coach, Author and Speaker. Trilby's clients and readers hire her so they can Go From Zero To Hero as they heal relationships, alleviate stress and cultivate emotional freedom in their lives, business and finances, health and mindset. Trilby’s fascination with the psyche and the body led her to study Psychology, Neurolinguistic Programming, Reiki, Meta-coaching, DNA Activation, Holistic Massage and several Advance Healing Techniques. All of which she uses in her own transformation as well as in her facilitation.

Trilby's books are: 'FEARLESSLY ALONE - Stop the Lonely Crisis and Find Your Happy' and 'A-AH MOMENTS - Inspirational Quotes To Shift Your Thinking'.

Trilby lives in New Zealand and works worldwide online. She is a Child of the Universe, a Change Maker, a Lover of Life, a Stargazer and a Dreamer, who enjoys quality time with loved ones, friends, her cat and her country lifestyle.

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Trilby Johnson

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