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Tracey Maclay

YOGA FOR CHILDREN AND FAMILIES.Healthy minds and bodies for children through to adults.

I am an ex teacher, with a background in Early Childhood.  I have a Bach. of Early Childhood (Pre-service teaching) and a Bach. of Education (Primary).  Approximately, 4 years ago I founded Yogamotorskills. The aim of the business is to promote wellness and better health in our community, in particular for children.  In 2015 I became a fully qualified yoga teacher, which added to my certificates in teaching yoga to children.  Along with my colleagues we offer yoga, movement and mindfulness to children in the form of group classes, workshops and one on one classes.  All children are welcome and I currently work with several children on the autism spectrum and teens with anxiety.  I wish to continue my writing on children's wellness issues, including; supporting the mental health of children, teens and adults with the support of yoga, mindfulness, meditation and self-awareness.  My pieces have been published in Yoga Today, Nurture Parenting and Yogamotorskills has certified training on bringing the benefits of movement and mindfulness to children.  Available on-line in 2018. Contact for more information. As a contributor to a recent book, 'Inspiration for women by women' I hope to also reach out to women affected by trauma and obstacles in their lives, using my own past experiences relating to domestic violence as a form of inspiration for other women that they two can break the cycle and move forward. Blog: kidscreativeashdown/maclay

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Yoga Australia. Yoga Alliance.

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Myhorizon Community and Development Centre.

Tracey Maclay

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