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    Tony Damian posted an update
    "To move forward with our New Year's Re-Solutions, it is imperative to be in a proper state of mind. Speaking out your resolutions as a Positive Affirmation and Proclamation of those intentions already happening - is manifesting your desire as your truth. Speaking out your desire over your own head "as if" it is already happening makes it true in the mind. You become a self-fulfilling prophecy. You become the Law of Attraction in Action!" -TonyD 22687997_10154971264042371_5942396650920578379_n_New
    Tony Damian posted an update
    Hello Everyone! I'm new here and learning the ropes as I go. I am an author in self-healing, and have guided meditations and a number of audio podcasts available free to anyone that may need a little help with for clients or themselves. Namaste~ 23467018_10155031109072371_6079446077878276577_o

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