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Latonia Tyler {aka Toni Tyler} is a Certified Life Coach, Mentor, and Ordained Priestess. She is the founder of Divinity Coaching Services and currently resides in the suburbs of Dallas, Texas. Mrs. Tyler provides world class services on a global level.

She passionately teaches women how to design a more happy and fulfilling lifestyle through sacred divine feminine coaching. Latonia specializes in awakening the "inner goddess" that is waiting to be discovered. She continues to beat the odds despite being a teen parent at the age of 16. Her biggest accomplishments include being a loving wife of 13 years and a proud mother of 4!

She is also recognized for sharing daily life enhancing inspiration, enlightening quotes, and fabulous motivational memes via Facebook.

Hobbies include decorating, entertaining/hosting, diy crafts, and traveling.

Facebook: Toni Tyler,Hot Coffee Quotes, Life Talk with friends, Divinity Coaching Services, So So Shabby But Chic


Services: Coaching, mentoring, consulting, spiritual support, intuitive readings

Causes and Organizations

Affiliations and memberships include:

Global Goddess

Harmonic Convergence Of Souls

Mystical Order of the White Rose

Life Coach Hub

Wellness Universe

Toni Tyler

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