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Tom Hulsey

Making a Positive Impact on Society

It is widely reported that cancer mortality rates have dropped; down nearly two percent since 2015. On the surface, it’s a good step toward minimizing the pain and suffering endured by many families, but one important detail that the media and medical advisors have glossed over is that prostate cancer deaths jumped 10 percent this year.  It’s the largest jump in prostate cancer deaths in a decade, according to the American Cancer Society. A man dies every 18 minutes from prostate cancer.

I heard the 3 words you never want to hear from you doctor on my birthday in 2015, “you have cancer.”  I was devastated, having just witnessed one of my best friends lose his battle to prostate cancer – it was gut-wrenching.  Besides being in shock, I was embarrassed and ashamed.  I was also scared, very scared, having just witnessed my friend’s demise. Other than family and a few close friends, I did not tell anyone.

It took me 13 months after my diagnosis to go public.  It was at that time, with my wife’s encouragement, I published my first blog about my journey; it touched lives around the world!  After an extremely successful fund-raising campaign and completing my long-term, post-surgery goal of competing in the IRONMAN World Championship in Hawaii, my focus shifted to education and advocacy.  I am Board Member at ZERO The End of Prostate Cancer, volunteer at the Baylor Scott & White Cancer Health & Wellness Center, and a Reviewer for the DoD’s (Department of Defense) Congressionally Directed Medical Research Programs.

I am the author of the soon-to-be released book, THE WINNING MINDSET THAT SAVED MY LIFE.   Net proceeds from book sales will be donated to cancer research.

The book has a second bottom line; an impact where the book is leverage, a tool for visibility, a means of expressing a higher message and platform.  The larger purpose or calling the book will enable me to create awareness and generate research dollars.

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Tom Hulsey

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