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Tom Hudson

Spiritual Paradigm of Awakened Expansion; Live the Prosperity Principle

A Profoundly Impactful Vibrational Healer, Tom Hudson, has merged his medical knowledge and physical science education with his spiritual gift as a highly sensitive empath and intuitive to create “Birth Rite Technology™,” his own dynamic approach to spiritual guidance and the holistic pursuit of optimal wellness. 

Through his extensive work resolving post-traumatic stress disorder, Tom has developed a multi-faceted methodology for resolving and clearing the traumatic waste which accumulates in one’s physical and energetic bodies. He loves sharing the wisdom he’s gathered and road tested to help others discover their own power; to re-align with one’s internal harmony and realize their Birth Right Life purpose!

Tom’s work with decompressing and expanding the vibrational frequencies of his own energy bodies has led to a new and radical view of the Chakra System clearing. He is presenting the secrets of the seven concentric bands of energy which tap into and dynamically activate the Creative Matrix of the Universe™.

Tom Hudson

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