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Todd Thomas

Empowering life changing/altering confidence; a Confidence That Sticks

About Todd Thomas


Todd Thomas, The Confidence Master, has been coaching and training high performance professionals for over 15 years. Through his extensive experience he has created proven and unique systems that include key mental methods and innovative techniques that have helped thousands of individuals and groups reach levels of performance and mental toughness they never thought possible.

Todd has a son that is a United States Marine. He has a heart for teaching this ground breaking system to sufferers of PTSD symptoms. Reducing symptoms of PTSD trauma with Neurokinesis Intervention Coaching and providing every person the opportunity to experience symptom relief from PTSD/Trauma and its corresponding symptoms is at the heart of what Todd does today.

As a Published Author, Award Winning Speaker and Mental Performance Coach, Todd shares his high level strategies and expertise with business organizations, athletes, associations and individuals so they too can achieve a life changing personal performance breakthrough. With years of intensive study in the science and and mechanics of personal achievement, he has mastered the ability to help anyone realize their full and true potential.

Todd is the author of two books. His latest book “The ‘IT’ Factor Action Guide” available at or on Amazon.

Todd has been seen and heard on over 100 radio stations and shows nationwide including ABC Radio, Citadel, Cumulus Media and Fox Sports Radio. To book Todd for your upcoming event or discover your next steps learn more at 

Todd Thomas

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