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Todd is the Founder/Owner of Mind, Body, Spirit Reiki & Beyond near Oswego, NY since March 14, 2014. As a Multidimensional Alchemist, Reiki Master Teacher, Intuitive Empath, Author and Blog Writer, he is dedicated to guiding his clients on their Spiritual Path.

Todd is a Holy Fire® III Karuna Reiki® Master Teacher and Practitioner. He also has a passion for Crystal, Sound and Essential Oil Therapies that he incorporates with Reiki sessions which provides multidimensional healing for his clients. He teaches in-person classes and online classes live on Zoom.

Todd is a Founding Partner of Coach Talk Cafe. Coach Talk Cafe is committed to creating a New Paradigm of Leadership of purpose Driven Entrepreneurs that can expand their influence & monetize their own coaching business in their very own Coach Talk Cafe.

Todd is also a Creative Writer for The Game of Enlightenment, creating a spiritual card deck for the game. The Game of Enlightenment was created by Gabriela D. Delgadillo and is a beautifully written and illustrated card game. Use your five senses for a transformational journey into the mind, body, and spirit. You will go through a series of experiences that will stimulate your five senses prior to beginning the game. You will also do a short guided meditation with music to raise your vibration in preparation for the journey. The Game of Enlightenment incorporates and integrates the dynamics of mindfulness, health and wellness, personal and interpersonal growth, love and kindness, gratitude, as well as strength based and non-judgmental approaches of radical acceptance. The game will benefit individuals in every aspect of their lives, including spiritual, psychological and biophysical quality of life, as well as on micro and macro levels related to our connectedness with our world and the Universe.

In addition, Todd has taken part in a collaboratively authored book published by GMCP called “Success Works, 20 Stories of a Journey to the Top”. The book was launched on Amazon and in bookstores worldwide in December of 2018.
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Causes and Organizations

Reiki Practitioner volunteer at Peaceful Remedies. Founded in 2015 in Oswego, NY, Peaceful Remedies is improving the healing experience for those impacted by life long illnesses. Bringing alternative options of therapy and support to these individuals in a safe and peaceful environment. Allowing individuals to sample these alternatives without fear. Through our events & programs, and the annual Holistic Wellness Fair we provide support services that complement treatments, support caregivers, patients and their families equally.  Peaceful Remedies is a 501c3.



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