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Tim Perry

Yield to Overcome. Holistic Health will replace Sick Care.

HealthCare Too has evolved into a family venture for us. We started in 2013 as a cloud platform to help all healthcare providers (conventional, allied, complementary) work together in a holistic fashion.  However, we soon learned that there was one caregiver always overlooked.... you! There are simply far too few resources to help understand and engage in holistic health for consumers.

We retooled HealthCare Too away from just providers and turned the focus to be on consumers like you who want to take better care of themselves. Whether to complement medical care or to engage in a more holistic health lifestyle, consumers need choice. Consumers like you can use our site for additional knowledge and products that benefit their HealthCare Too.

Our passion for holistic health comes from many influences. For Tim, it was study of Taiji and Oriental Medicine as well as observations on the current sick care system. For Nancy, it was a need to address disparities in health. For Emily, a desire to see music therapy prosper as a non-invasive means to help many disorders. For William, it is a love of data and doing the right thing. We have been blessed and wish to share with others.

Tim Perry

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