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    Today’s featured SoulTreat presenter is Jennifer Whitacre Gardner! Jennifer will be leading a talk on: Release Stress & Tension With Self-Compassion

    Self-compassion is the antidote to internal suffering, and compassion isn’t what you think it is. Learn what compassion really is, common misconceptions that keep you from experiencing compassion, and a process to begin your own practice of self-compassion. When you make self-compassion available to you, life changes.

    We live in a culture that is experiencing epidemic levels of anxiety and depression, and suicide rates are skyrocketing. Whether directly or indirectly, this affects every single one of us to some degree.
    In this work-talk, you’ll learn some of the root causes, and what you can do to address them from an individual level. You’ll learn whether you’re experiencing a gut feeling or a strong emotion and why it’s important to tell the difference. You’ll also learn why it’s necessary to separate your perceptions from your feelings and how to catch yourself in the act. Jennifer will walk you through a method of self-inquiry that fosters self-compassion. This tactic can “nip it in the bud” when a stress response gets triggered.

    Main Takeaways:
    1) You will learn the difference between an emotional response and a gut feeling, and why it’s an important distinction.
    2) You will recognize the differences among perceptions, interpretations, sensations, and emotions.
    3) You will learn steps to the practice of self-inquiry, how that can increase self-compassion, and why it’s so important.

    Excited to join us? Find out more about SoulTreat here:
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    WHEN: NOV 2-3, 2019
    WHERE: Sedona, AZ

    Your 2 day SoulTreat pass includes:
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    -Daily Lunch (vegan options available)
    -Daily snacks and beverages, including water, coffee, and tea
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    -Optional morning activities (yoga, meditation, vortex hikes, and more)
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    You deserve a SoulTreat! Jennifer

    Hello WU Friend! Today’s featured SoulTreat presenter is Jennifer Whitacre Gardner! Jennifer w