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    Fantastic news! More than 100 people have registered and @erikalaszlo is so grateful she has a very special free gift!

    Be sure to sign up to ‘7 Money Traps Blocking Your Financial Freedom’ FREE class with Erika Laszlo. 

    Over 100 people have grabbed a seat, perhaps you already have yours!  We are celebrating this milestone, knowing that more than 100 people are making the conscious choice to increase their financial abundance and prosperity. Why? Because we know when we are out of the ‘lack mentality’ and money flows to us, WE can control where we spend it: On our family, ourselves and supporting causes we believe in which makes the world a better place.

    Erika is SO EXCITED so many people want to take this step and own their prosperity! She has offered a VERY SPECIAL GIFT for you to join and refer a friend. 

    NEVER before has she offered this: A pdf of the DEMERT Method. This excerpt comes from her SuperConscious Self-Coaching Student’s Manual. This is method explains in detail how to change any limiting belief to a supporting belief.

    This life-changing tool is yours by signing up and referring a friend. Valued at $50, we will send you a copy FREE via email once your freind signs up.

    Here is how. Be sure you are signed up and refer a friend to sign up:

    1. Share this link for your friend to register https://wellnessuniverse.learnitlive.com/class/12684/7-Money-Traps-Blocking-Your-Financial-Freedom-w-WU-Expert-Erika-Laszlo 

    2. Once your friend registers, have them post a message to the class wall or message us in The Lounge with your name as the referrer and you BOTH get that free gift! 

    We are looking forward to seeing you next week.