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    Please meet #WUWorldChanger ~@CarolePark

    Hi my name is Carole and I call myself a “Light Worker”.

    Even as a little girl I saw the world differently to most of the people around me. I saw colours and energies, had insights and always felt things deeply. I didn’t find out that this meant I was very sensitive and psychic until much later in life. 20 years ago I experienced what I can only describe as a true calling to the Light and Love. To begin with I knew I had to learn Tai Chi, I didn’t even know what it was I just knew I had to learn it. The Universe led me to study Infinite Tai Chi with Master Jason Chan. I had attended Yoga classes with my Mother from age 14 and went on to train as a Yoga teacher . Since then I have continued to study and train to use these abilities and skills and follow my true Soul calling.

    As my path unfolded my awareness opened to work with Divine Feminine Goddess Essence and this flows thro0ugh all of my work. I now follow inner guidance to help others to become empowered and uplifted, to feel positive, healthy and happy…………

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