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    WU World-Changers are making the world a better place! Let’s introduce you to today’s featured #WUVIP & #WUWorldChanger

    ~ @duanelight

    A little bit more about Duane….

    I work for spiritually-oriented people who are facing a challenging, oppressive or scary legal situation. I help them navigate their challenge with compassion, clarity and strength so they can create the best possible outcome, with their spiritual values intact.

    I am a licensed California attorney with 25+ years’ experience in more than a dozen areas of the law. I have mediated, arbitrated and taken many cases to trial. I am also a professional life coach and an iRest Level II teacher. More importantly, I have over 40 years experience in my own growth and healing, and have practiced and taught more than 50 kinds of meditation and prayer.

    To read more and connect with Duane, please visit: https://goo.gl/X8YH56

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    WU World-Changers are making the world a better place! Let’s introduce you to today’s featur