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    Making the world a better place

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    A little bit more about Bonnie…

    Bonnie Sheldon works with people in transition, crisis and transformation as a Coach and Spiritual Mentor. She has spent her professional lifetime passionately devoted to healing, having served over 9,000 individuals and multiple thousands of workshop and corporate clients, from high profile individuals and celebrities to children and veterans.
    Her personal journey, facing a rare sister illness to Lupus with an initial six month prognosis to live over two decades ago brought her a personal understanding of transition and crisis. Her practice now includes in-person sessions, workshops, writing and speaking for people transitioning from a broken heart (Heartbreak Rescue TM), and her most recent focus: Seniors facing the difficulties of aging while dealing with such issues as being suddenly single, problems with children and grandchildren, care giving, etc.).

    To read more and connect with Bonnie, please visit: https://goo.gl/V7s1yH Bonnie-Sheldon

    Making the world a better place We are so excited to connect you (#WUFriend) with the amazing member