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Teresa Bruni, CPC, ELI-MP

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Life Transformation Master Practitioner - PSYCH-K® Facilitator - Helping People Heal physically, emotionally, and spiritually through discovering and dissolving fear, grief, trauma, heartache, and pain.


Teresa works internationally as a Life Transformation Master Practitioner. And she is excited to meet you and share her knowledge at the SoulTreat in October!
Get ready for a magical transformation.

Teresa Bruni's answer was always the same when asked as a child, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” She wanted to be a teacher. So it's no surprise that during her career in technology, it was clear to Teresa Bruni that the best part of her job was working directly with people - teaching them how to work more productively. Teresa Bruni's number one priority and her biggest reward were making a positive difference in the lives of those with whom she worked.

Unknown to Teresa Bruni was that she would embark on a decade-long bout with a chronic illness that would sever her career and render her completely disabled. (Read Teresa's full story, "{An} Unsinkable Soul - From Fear to Fabulous available on Amazon) It was during that time that Teresa Bruni realized Western Medicine alone wasn't going to get her well. She knew she had to find her own way back and she did. Teresa Bruni conquered her illness and returned to work full-time in January 1999; over twenty years ago. She continues to enjoy great health.

Teresa dedicates her life’s work as a Life Transformation Master Practitioner assisting her clients in breaking through obstacles that prevent them from living life to the fullest. She believes that true healing, whether physical, emotional, or spiritual, requires a well-rounded approach. She knows healing can come in many forms resulting in abundance in all areas of life. She believes everyone is worthy of achieving their true desires.

In addition to her private client practice, Teresa Bruni works with corporate and medical professionals as a Leadership Transformation Master Practitioner. Teresa still places her priority and receives her greatest joy from assisting leaders in recognizing and building on their strengths. Her understanding of energy in the corporate environment makes her a perfect fit for any organization that strives to motivate and inspire their employees. The results are increased productivity, customer satisfaction, and the creation of a genuinely healthy working environment.

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Here's What Her Clients Have to Say

PAUL: While I am not one to quickly trust a person, especially one I have never met in person, Teresa broke down a lot of walls quickly and put my mind at ease. I had some faith she could help me with the skills I needed to move my career forward, especially with her ELI assessment which I still reference to this day. However, I still had my reservations there would be any impact on my health problem even as she said our coaching was primarily focused on that. I consider myself a highly rational person. I had never really been spiritual and I certainly didn’t believe there was a connection between mental well-being and physical manifestations of problems that may originate in the mind. I am happy to say that Teresa made me a believer that your mind truly has a greater impact on your health than you might ever know. To be clear, I thought our work together was just addressing limiting beliefs that were keeping me from moving forward in my career. What I discovered is that those same limiting beliefs were holding me back everywhere, from my career path to even my health.

KELLY: For the past 5 months, I have been grieving and feeling guilty over the loss of a dear friend who left this world suddenly and tragically at the hands of her husband. I felt that somehow, someway, I might have been able to prevent my friend from her untimely death. My grief and guilt was keeping stuck in a state of sadness making it hard for me to move on with my life. Then I found Teresa, a sister Intuitive and, Health and Wellness Coach. In one session, Teresa walked me through a process that allowed me to release the grief that I had been holding onto and absolve myself from any part in the death. Teresa's non-intruding, calm, soothing process allowed me to process my emotions, free myself from guilt and be able to have fond memories and appreciation of our time together instead of overwhelming, debilitating grief.

Should you be blessed with the opportunity to have Teresa as your coach/co-creator of your new experience as I have, you will find that she has a unique stamp on creating change. Far beyond her certifications and well-assimilated training in life coaching, she is highly sensitive to personal energy and passionate about utilizing it effectively in order to open a full screen of options for her clients; mind, body, and spirit.

DIANE: Although I have years of self-study in life coaching, have read hundreds of self-help and spiritual-oriented books, as well as a prior career in holistic health management; I found it difficult to help myself in some areas such as close relationships and business success. I could not see the whole picture clearly in the way that someone not involved in my life could. You might say it was forest-through-the-trees-syndrome. It was time to seek assistance and I chose Teresa because I so easily related my experience, study, and knowledge to how negative and positive emotions become energy that increases or decreases health and happiness. What a fabulous decision that was.

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Teresa holds many certifications, including being a Certified Professional Coach, a Certified Energy Leadership Master Practitioner, PSYCH-K® Preferred Facilitator, and Muscle Testing Master. She is highly intuitive and is trained as a Conscious Energy Practioner.

Teresa is also an author, speaker, outlier, and founder of Less Fear, More Flow LLC. She lives life from her heart and is an innate teacher who believes that our thoughts are our only limit.

Teresa’s Philosophy and Lifestyle

Teresa acknowledges only two genuine soul emotions; fear and love. While fear takes on many forms, love is always LOVE. Teresa Bruni believes that, although each one of us is born with all the intuitive knowledge we require to manifest an exuberant, productive, successful and fully abundant life, over time, many of us are shifted away from our innate knowledge. The reality is that following years of conditioning by well-meaning family, friends, community and church leaders, and the media, many individuals lose sight of their uniqueness and their innate ability to significantly impact the world around them. This leads to emotional wounds and physical deficiencies that require healing. Teresa’s mission is to assist individuals in regaining their power.

Some things about Teresa Bruni that might surprise and delight you include her highly intuitive nature allowing her to take clients further faster. She has a powerful ability to listen and understand, followed by communicating at a level that is always a perfect match for her clients. Teresa is extremely empathetic. She is compassionate and understanding because she has truly been there. Additionally, Teresa Bruni's ability to think outside the box provides her clients with more options than they ever imagined. Teresa also incorporates a no-nonsense, undiluted approach.

Teresa lives in the scenic Sandhills of North Carolina. She recharges her spirit by spending time exploring the outdoors and practicing her photography. Solitude spent in nature, from the mountains to the beaches, helps her find new ways to inspire both herself and her clients. She also loves studying the connection between spirituality and science. This allows her to understand the human mind/body connection and its real purpose in serving us. Teresa understands the consequences of turning a deaf ear when our bodies signal us and she has simply made it her business to become an expert in this area.

Are you ready to start living a life of abundance? Contact Teresa by visiting her website. Ask for a complimentary consultation. Talk with her about how you can get your life back and begin enjoying the liberation that comes from moving closer every day toward the person you were born to be!

Are you ready to start living a life of abundance? Contact Teresa for a complimentary consultation. Talk with her about how you can get your life back and begin enjoying the liberation that comes from moving closer every day toward the person you were born to be!

Visit Teresa on the web at

Awards and Affiliations
  • Certified Professional Coach (CPC) having graduated from iPEC, an International Coach Federation (ICF) accredited institute
  • Published Author
  • Keynote Speaker
  • PSYCH-K® Facilitator
  • Certified Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner (ELI-MP)
  • Certified Ultra High-Frequency Energy Healing Master
  • Certified Muscle Testing Master

Teresa Bruni, CPC, ELI-MP

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