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Tawnya Moseley

~My mission is to help people activate and expand their spiritual gifts

Tawnya is a Spirit Communicator, Intuitive Healer, and Channeler.  She receives insight from Higher Realms of Existance.  Her soul's purpose is to lift, enlighten, and inspire others on their Spiritual Journey.  Tawnya lived most of her life in a state of "knowing" before she stepped forward to develop her Divine Gift from God.  Between 2014-2017 she dove deep into a meditation practice where she met and established a sacred bond with her Spirit Guide Rebecca.  In 2016, when her grandmother fell ill and passed away, Tawnya received the validation she needed, through the spirit of her beloved grandma, that there is Eternal Life.  In that moment, she knew, without a shadow of a doubt, it was time to step into her power and accept her position as a Lightworker and Spirit Communicator.  Tawnya's energy and delivery is unique and second to none.  She is the Light.  She spreads the Light.  Tawnya is pure Divine Eternal LOVE.

Awards and Affiliations

Review from a International Celebrity Psychic:
"I am an established Psychic/Medium who works on Live Television and I can honestly say that Tawnya was given no information about me and got my situation spot on. She is the only Psychic I would go to for a reading and give her…

Tawnya Moseley

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