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Tarriss Saurer holds a Bachelors in Science for Exercise Physiology andNutritional Sciences from Queens College. Tarriss is a Culinary SportsNutrition Expert and coach for primarily teenage athletes. She created acompany, in 2015, ProNutritionRx. She is a genetic mutation researchdeveloper on the interactions of food with your individual body. After findingover 50 mutations in her own body. She was driven to find reasons herbody collapsed, from an overdrive, being a physically active female. Thisinspired her to further her nutrition studies to cutting edge science. Tarrissalso works as a chief sensory advisor and is a plant based menu developerfor a number of chefs and gourmet market places. While having her officelocation in a high end wellness spa on the South Shore Long Island driving family wellness.

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