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Tanya O'Quinn

"When you become conscious, you become responsible."


“If you want to understand the Adult you’ve become, communicate with the Inner Child you’ve abandoned” – this is one of my favorite quotes for it is the most simple yet most powerful way to move forward in life.  We tend to believe that as adults, who we have become is who we are…or who we were meant to be. And I believe this belief is unfair, untrue and unnecessary.

As adults, we are a culmination of our experiences, reactions, consequences and decisions. Additionally, we are the 3D representation of our traumas, defeats, and  ‘issues’ (negative or fear-based behaviors, attitudes or perceptions resulting from a specific negative early life or childhood experience).

I am a Spiritual Intuitive (one who uses her intuition in a spiritual manner) who has been providing enlightening, clarifying, empowering and detailed email, phone, and in-person intuitive/psychic readings for over two decades. I use my God-given Gifts of clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, claircognizance, Empathy and Mediumship to connect with my client and then to assist in their emotional healing, psychological rewiring or spiritual awakening. I don’t read; thus, the provocative content of my blogs and the inspirational quotes that I ‘relay’ are not of my knowing; they are ‘channeled information’ or Higher Consciousness.

My ‘education’ and ‘training’ have not been acquired through workshops, classes, tests and such; they have been acquired through mere meditation and prayer. So I guess you can say that God is my Teacher, Guru, or Mentor.

My ‘soul purpose’ is ‘to assist in the healing of others’; therefore, my spiritual intention is to help others heal from those negative experiences where those ‘issues’ currently dominate their life-experience. Many adults are ‘damaged children’ making adult decisions, having adult responsibilities, and engaging in adult relationships. This ‘weakened’ way-of-being is sabotaging to the potential of Self and harmful to the souls it loves. As healing recoups power lost, through the process of emotional healing and psychological rewiring, we then become empowered to achieve professional success…to indulge in emotional fulfillment…and to bask in spiritual connectedness.

“When you become conscious, you become responsible.”  

Choose to awaken.


Tanya O'Quinn

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