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As a Scorpio Ascendant:  Yes I have seen, and lived in, the depths of hell; and lived to tell.  I was a victim of domestic violence, for 22 years. But today, I am a victor.

I had to dig to find myself again, and then dig deeper to understand “why?”

After starting life completely over at age 39, I rekindled my love of astrology.  I was excited to discover certain patterns in the charts of those that exhibit criminal behaviors and of those who are compassionate and empathic. I was really taken aback when I did the chart for the day I got married; horrible loss of power and manipulation for the next several years! It was in my chart!

Awards and Affiliations


2015  Humanitarian Award at NY Mental Health Policymaker's Meeting 

Junior Achievement Volunteer Teacher Presidential Award


Causes and Organizations

Love Shouldnt Hurt Inc : Advocacy and awareness for domestic violence

I have been a Junior Achievement teacher for several years and taught every grade from K-12 across 7 school districts.

Suzanne Suchan

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