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Suzanne Kane

Live a Vibrant, Purposeful Life

I’ve always loved writing. As my repertoire grew, so did my passion for the written word, spoken story, visual representation of emotion, connection, the enthusiastic pursuit of discovery and the realization of dreams. I feel joy when others find inspiration in my work and that encourages me to follow my passion.

I have a B.A. in journalism, English and psychology, a M.A. in public relations and advertising with radio, TV and film sequence, and a Master of Fine Arts in screenwriting at UCLA Film School. I’ve written 17 screenplays and won the Sloan Fellowship and Diane Thomas Award in Screenwriting, along with many other writing awards.

Today, I write to help you find the answers you seek, to inspire and give hope. Through my motivational blog and feature articles, I encourage you to face your truth, find and nurture your strengths, and engage in positive thinking to make profound changes in your life.

What I’ve found through years of writing is that experience is both a great teacher and a terrific motivator. If you pay attention to your true emotions and underlying wants and needs, you can find the positive and uplifting messages within that you need to make changes in your life.

My website,, is all about living a vibrant, purposeful life. I post Daily thoughts, offering an inspirational quote and observations based on my own life experiences.

I also write blog pieces regularly on topics pertaining to happiness, joy, fulfillment, how to deal with everyday issues, overcoming fear, reaching your true potential, how to follow your dreams, get over disappointment and rejection, being a role model for others and much more.

We all get one chance to live this life. Our intent must be to live it with as much zest, happiness, joy and purpose as humanly possible. My goal is to help you do just that. To that end, I’m here for you to help you find your success in the world. Come visit my website and sign up to receive my free newsletter to make sure you never miss a post or Daily Thoughts.


Awards and Affiliations

Sloan Fellowship in Screenwriting

Diane Thomas Award in Screenwriting

Caddy Award

Suzanne Kane

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