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Susannah Spanton Horsey

Harmonize Your Body Mind and Spirit

Susannah Spanton Horsey is President and Founder of Reiki Melody, which provides holistic opportunities for personal enrichment. Susannah’s mission is to support, educate and inspire in ways that are respectful and honor people for who they are!
Susannah is a Licensed Reiki Master Teacher, International Trainer of Bio-Energy healing, Life Coach, Poet, Author, Certified Professional Development Trainer and Supervisor
Bio Energy International Trainer is an important certification that Susannah has received. Bio Energy is a healing modality that works by releasing blocked energy and re-establishes a natural flow of energy throughout the body. Bio Energy Healing is relatively new to the US, yet widely practiced in Europe and Canada.
Creating confidence for rich learning experiences sparked the desire for Susannah to begin traveling to teach the many gems of wisdom she has learned over the years. Susannah teaches and travels throughout the United States, Costa Rica and Canada.

Susannah Spanton Horsey

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