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Susan J Witt

Teaching Self-Love through Quantum and Spiritual concepts

My greatest passion is teaching self-love through spiritual and quantum concepts. It's very exciting for me to help empower people by showing them that science now has significant evidence that love-based thoughts can heal us both emotionally and physically.

Over the last seven years I have studied all areas of self-help concepts. These areas cover: Law of Attraction, Affirmations and Mantras, Meditation, Chakra System, Quantum Mechanics, Gratitude, Journaling and Forgiveness. In my studies of combining all this knowledge, I have found the most profound healing lies with self-love. You can use any self-help concept to try and obtain inner peace, but none will work completely until you love yourself first.

My goal is to teach and prove to you that self-love works! In my website,, there are resources and articles that are life changing. I offer the following services to help you on your journey to self-love!

Reiki sessions to help you heal both emotionally and physically. Angel Readings to help you connect with your heavenly helpers. Chakra opening and clearing so that you can release blockages. Crystal healing to also release blockages.

Self-love is the innate being inside of you. Please feel free to contact me so I can help you grow in peace and harmony.

Susan J Witt

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