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Susan Ball

Survive . Heal . Thrive

I’m Susan Ball, founder of Healing Narcissistic Trauma, author, speaker, and self-worth activist and I’m on a mission to free women from their abusive relationships.
My message is simple:
I want women to aim higher, learn to recognize just how much they are worth, believe in themselves and establish healthy boundaries, as they begin to dream again and love themselves unconditionally. I am a passionate, fierce cheerleader who encourages women to rekindle their joy and embrace their big, bold, blissful life!
I want you to laugh more. Smile more. Love more. Attract into your life goodness, love, vitality, curiosity, passion, and adventure.
Because you’re worth it!
You can connect with me at or join my Healing Narcissistic Trauma Group
Boundaries are the Key to Happiness, Peace & Joy! I offer an amazing Empowered Her Boundaries Course that you can purchase. You get 2 workbooks and 5 videos and learn the importance of aligning your boundaries with your values - Enforceable!  

Stuck in a toxic relationship or just left and feel overwhelmed with chaotic emotions? Schedule a complimentary VIP chat with me and we'll set you on the path to freedom and healing

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Hons BA, Anthropology and Aboriginal Studies

Susan Ball

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