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I was born and raised in England, I travelled the world till the birth of my children in my early 30's, and now reside in the foothills of one of the tallest mountains in Australia, in a strong, vibrant and very supportive community. I am a mother, a musician, I work with herbs, and I have created an ultimate breast care routine for women to inspire them to take the health of their breasts into their own hands. This came about as a result of my own journey of healing myself of breast cancer and the realisation that there is very little support, information, or any specificially designed breast care paradigms available for women. There is not even a breast care catagory amoungst the hand/foot/hair/face/legs/nails/skin section of health stores or catalogs! So my mission now is to 'remind' women, 'alert' women to begin to add breast care to their daily routines, just a couple of minutes spent skin brushing and massaging our breasts can really help to keep them clear and healthy and of course we get to know them really well, becoming familiar with regular changes. Self love and self nurturing is imperative for us women, for our esteem, our health and happiness, it is a step towards the restoration of our truly nurturing ways. I look forward to getting to know you all and all the fabulous tings you are doing to make our world a better place, love from Sue x


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