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Sue Broome

Making transitions easier...

Are you seeking answers, guidance and direction for your life right now? 

If you are, Sue Broome connects with angels, archangels, ascended masters and your angels intuitively using cards to give you what you are looking for.

You walk away with answers, energetic tools and feeling empowered. With each reading, you feel the love and healing of the angels shining through. You also feel heard, understood, and met. Ask the angels your questions. They love to offer their loving guidance.


Sue Broome is an intuitive energy healer and teacher. She uses tools like Angel Cards in doing her work. Sue loves to spread the word of angels and the connection that still exists with your Loved Ones who have transitioned in her workshops and online classes. Embrace your spiritual journey through empowerment and self-healing. She has published Signs From Your Loved Ones and has a free online course available with Sue Broome Courses called Memories shared with your Loved Ones. She offers Healing with the Angels sessions, channel writings (channeled messages from Angels, Loved Ones, Spirit Guides), and readings. 

Sue Broome

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