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    I just posted this new article in my Facebook group: The Evolutionary SPA:\

    NOTE: The following is what I have learned from observation and exploration. This description works for me. I am in no way implying that it should or could work for you. I am interested in your thoughts about power. If you have a different description please feel free to share it in the comments.

    Evolutionary Power doesn’t have anything to do with the 3-D notion of power which is more about force, manipulation and control. In order to understand Evolutionary Power, one has to step out of the Reactive Operating System and into the Essence Operating System.

    Evolutionary Power is all about tapping into a Universal source of power and allowing it to do what it was going to do anyway.

    There are a couple of things that have to happen for anyone to be able to access Evolutionary Power

    • One has to shore up one’s own energy fields and stop hemorrhaging Power. This can be accomplished generally by many types of energy work: yoga, meditation, affirmative prayer, energy healing practices, healing modalities. And/or by directly working to close hemorrhages. In my programs I identify 8 types of hemorrhages and we work with specific strategies to close them down.

    • We have to minimize the number and intensity of charged places inside that tend to catch, misdirect, mis-align or distort the flow of the Universe through us. We have to become as translucent in the 3-D world as possible – without abandoning our proper place as commanders of Universal Power.

    • We have to come to an understanding of who we are and what our role might be in the “Grand Scheme” of Power and accept that, although we do have a great capacity to direct Universal Power, we can only go so far if we are headed in a direction that opposes the natural tendency of the Power. (HINT: Power’s direction (not really a direction, but simplified for the 3-D mind) is towards blossoming, expanding, growing, learning, evolving, good, love, peace, simplicity…)

    When we find the sweet spot in relation to Universal Power, the world is a playground. Our bodies, finances and circumstances follow the lead we give them. Our relationships thrive, and synergy and synchronicity are the norm. We create and enjoy and love without fear.

    It’s a bit of a slog to clear up the energy field. Many of the ways we relate to the world and to each other which feel normal, need to shift as we clear and strengthen ourselves. But it’s worth it in the end. We will enter an unknown world of freedom, awe, joy, and oh-so-much Love.