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Sue Bryan

Less Reactive - More Productive!

One of the biggest stresses we encounter is CHANGE - and yet, the world is changing more rapidly and unexpectedly than ever before.

We were all born to add our gifts to this time of shifting and changing - stressful as it may seem sometimes. And to share our gives effectively it is up to each of us to bring our best game into play.

Your best game has to be grounded, centered, and NON-REACTIVE,  no matter what is going on in the world. Yet many of us still find that we get triggered into reactivity in at least one area of life: finances, health or close relationships. Even if we have all that mastered, we often feel upset by things that are happening in the world. If one or more areas of your life feels out of kilter - still reactive - let me help you sort it out.

We are Evolutionaries and we face unique challenges - and the same old methods simply cannot be effective in dealing with those challenges. Einstein told us that our problems cannot be solved by the same mindset that created them. Yet, when we Conscious Evolutionaries feel alone, we keep trying to connect in the same old ways. When we feel overwhelmed, we keep falling into our same old fight/flight patterns. When we feel lost or confused, we default into tenacious, sub-conscious mindsets. And if we are not sometimes feeling alone, overwhelmed or confused, we are not working at our leading edge - where true transformation occurs.

I have spent my life developing strategies and processes to break through to an entirely new paradigm, a non-reactive mindset of deliberate creation that takes seekers beyond just coping with a seemingly mad world, to actively and joyously creating a new world.

Please connect with me so we can journey together to our highest potential!

Awards and Affiliations

MA Spiritual Psychology, Emphasis: Consciousness Health and Healing

Medical QiGong Certificate through Medicine Begins With Me

Reiki attuned

Ordained, Universal Life Church

Certified Law Of Attraction Practitioner

Agent of Conscious Evolution

Certified Hypnotist

Completed Consciousness Development Program with the International Academy of Consciousness.

Sue Bryan

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