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Simone Turner “crushes all obstacles” while she helps people discover wellness solutions. Her work has emerged from a harsh reality and grown into a track record of helping people achieve better health through high quality CBD “products made with organic ingredients.

Normal life during her previous 30 years of work in the corporate world meant coping with fibromyalgia, severe migraines and clinical depression. She relied on prescription medications for temporary relief. And then a car accident happened.

In 2011, her day was going along fine when a driver, who admitted to texting, rear-ended her. Her car was totaled and her health challenges increased.

The accident ultimately turned into a solution for her wellness needs—and gave her a new income stream. But that revelation didn’t happen right away.

After four years, the settlement was much less than what Simone expected. She was a single mom who was living with the pain of a torn rotator cuff, drawing from savings and feeling demoralized.

In 2016, she had to stop working due to chronic pain and inflammation. She couldn’t get disability payments even though she worked in the insurance industry.

“That was a turning point for me.  The final straw.” says Simone, who describes the situation in spiritual terms, like the Universe was saying, “’Okay, we’ll make you work from home now.’”

“It was a dark time, but I didn’t quit,” she recalls.

In early 2017, she found an opportunity through a company selling CBD oil. She looked into the oil’s health benefits, but struggled to earn an income selling it. Another health challenge surfaced when she needed to undergo surgery for a tumor on her spine and that landed her in bed for weeks.

But the prospect of earning a sustainable income supplying CBD products fueled her entrepreneurial spirit and as she researched more opportunities, she found Changing The Future Outcome (CTFO), a network marketing company.

CTFO’s policy of letting distributors join for no cost intrigued Simone, so she got involved as an independent associate in December 2017.

At the time, CTFO had 24 products and Simone experienced firsthand how they helped her. That ignited her belief in the company, the product line they were building, and the people around her.

Simone has embraced a leadership role as a 100K Executive Vice President and today, just over two & a half years later, there are over 74,000 associates in her downline. She calls her team the Healthy Wealthy Pioneers.

Now, CTFO remains committed to quality and manufactures more than 80 products, including an amazing line of the highest bioavailable CBD & CBDa products on the market and many other life changing non-CBD products.

More importantly, Simone is completely free from prescription drugs.

Her strength is that she can relate to the challenges that others face as she personally guides and inspires them to action. “When people come to me with problems I say, ‘Let’s look at solutions.’”

Simone Turner can look back and see how her trials paved the way for her to be a sought-after solution provider and a catalyst to help others achieve their goals and dreams.



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