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shirli millmond

Let's start by doing the first step to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

My mission is to help you on your journey to find the source of your suffering. In addition to inspire and give you the tools and the strengths to figure out and discover your own solution to your individual life conundrum. Holistic healing coaching addresses all parts of the individual life, not just the physical aspect of a person. It is an ongoing journey of discovery in search of more answers, tools, skills and understanding how to live better, healthier and own your life journey.As your holistic life coach, I will join your life journey and explore with you all your life dynamic to increase your awareness and understanding how to approach life differently. If there is any discomforts or pain in your life, we will find the root of this pain and imbalance. The imbalance could be a physical, emotional, spiritual or nutritional challenge. Many times physical illness or emotional stress are results of a greater imbalance in our lives.  My mission is to help you on your life journey to give you the tools and the strengths to figure out and discover your solution to your individual life conundrum.  Motivation is nothing without you being able to write your custom road map to success. That is because no one knows your life and business as you do. However, you may be locked into a cycle of frustration and fixation that prevents you from seeing the winning strategy that has been sitting right there in front of your nose all along, just waiting for your shining moment of epiphany and perspicacity. I only work with people who want to be serious about changing. Through my experience what I’ve found is that the need to be and feel happy is not the same formula to all. I have many clients who have found success where they could only see failure. How do you begin to manage your life with wisdom and with the ability to truly see what is happening? When you want to uncover what it is that is controlling your life, the first step to any life change is…

shirli millmond

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