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Sheila Willis

Abundance Coach/Transformation Speaker

Hello and welcome. By profession, I'm a Certified Abundance Coach and Transformation Speaker. I'm committed to assisting you to live your best life yet. Did you know that abundance, peace, and well-being are our divine inheritance? However, due to life experiences we've forgotten our natural state.
My mission is to provide the tools necessary to awaken, empower, inspire, and motivate people to transform and live their intended life by returning to their natural state. It was out of my own pain that I discovered the tools to for transformation. My pain has now become my passion to help others.
I would love to bring my life changing messages of hope, healing and transformation to your organization, church, group, and etc. Complete the form on my website for booking information.

What others are saying about Sheila Willis:

Michellene Tipton, "The seminar was wonderful. So informative. And I must say, "mind blowing" at times. This is conformation for me God had started working on me with some things and you jumped right in the middle of it and brought it all together. It's something how God works. I thank you."

Latesha Tubbs, "Sheila is excellent in presenting truth!"

Rachel Jacobs, "Thank you Sheila for helping us change our thoughts so we can have more happiness."

Franklin Mays, "Wow awesome !!! thank you Sheila

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Sheila Willis

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