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Sheila Murrey

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Emotionally supportive, empowering, and FUN bridge to all things Energy, Frequency, Oneness, Wholeness, and Holistic Health. Researcher, Blogger, Writer, Entertainer, and Teacher in the Mind, Body, Spirit, and Soul Internet space.

Sheila has a passion for life, holistic wellness and healthy natural living. Sheila is empathic, intuitive, compassionate, and kind. She's got a wisdom about life and simple living that's refreshing. Sheila is positive, loving, and caring. She’s a powerful presence for good in the world who's full of vibrant energy, ready to educate and entertain you (singing alongside her award-winning talented artist / songwriter musician husband)!

Sheila seeks to be as water–always seeking balance.

Believing that, We Are All Connected Sheila stays centered and ready to listen and help.

Sheila's mission of Connecting Heaven and Earth comes out when she tells you that you're never alone. She speaks on the topics of: Omniscience, Oneness, Wholeness, and how "We Are All Connected."

Sheila naturally released asthma 13 years ago and wrote a health book about it. She's on fire to light up and empower us in fun and practical ways that integrate mind, body, spirit, and soul-aligned practices and raise our consciousness to support our individual and collective health.

Sheila is vastly knowledgeable about whole food nutrition, (from living as a raw vegan for a year, and trying the Essene diet), as well as eating according to her blood type for the last five years or so. She promotes mindful and conscious eating, and believes plant-based eating is the best way to promote long term health and longevity when we use it as both food and medicine.

Sheila embodies and teaches (leading by example), personal responsibility as a holistic way for consistently improving health and vitality. She believes that wellness is a pursuit and that nature has the ability to help us all improve our health.

It is her mission to bring you the knowing you are never alone, always worthy, universally supported, vastly loved, and that everything you have ever needed is INSIDE and all around YOU! When any modality is suggested, she recommends the safest most natural ones, or highest quality and non-toxic products that empower you, add vibrant health and easily allow you and your loved ones to live life to the fullest.

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Sheila Murrey

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