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Shaylini Somani

Reiki Master Practitioner, Huff Post Blogger, Columnist and Feature Writer. Clear your Mind. Balance your Body. Heal your Soul. Find your Truth. Love and embrace your Sacred Self

I'm Shaylini and I’m a qualified Reiki Practitioner, Columnist and Feature writer, Holistic Health and Well-being Coach (and a former Speech and Language Therapist). However, first and foremost, I’m a Spiritual being. Nature lover. Wellness warrior. Yoga enthusiast. Ayurveda advocate. All-Things-Holistic appreciator and Life lover!I am a professional Reiki Practitioner and provide Reiki healing to enable you to experience freedom from emotional, mental and physical imbalances. I embrace a heart-centred approach to provide a unique experience of deep healing which creates space for letting go of what doesn’t serve you, aligning you to your true potential, achieving ultimate inner peace and abundant self-love. The Sacred Self has been created to help you feel nurtured, inspired, balanced, free and most importantly happy. Through these techniques you will naturally experience an alchemical shift in energy leading to peace, joy and freedom. I lead my life and work with a compassionate and heart-centred approach to bring clarity of mind, balance of body, healing of the soul, and nurturing of our Sacred Self. Please visit: to find out more! With love and Reiki light, Shaylini x

Shaylini Somani

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