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Shaun Grant is an entrepreneur that specializes in helping you meet your goals in every area, whether it be the mental, physical, spiritual, financial, emotional or social arena. Shaun’s main objective is to assess where people need to begin, where they want to go, and map out the best possible plan for each individual to reach their goals.

Growing up in New Orleans, Shaun suffered many setbacks including a reconstructive knee surgery and the destruction of Hurricane Katrina. Although looked upon as a bad experience by most, Shaun used it to his advantage to become a greater person. He believes adversity is the beginning stage of success. With an extensive background in mental, spiritual and physical coaching; he has a great understanding of what it takes to align your mind and heart to succeed through any circumstance in life. As a fitness expert, Shaun uses his fifteen years plus of experience to transform the bodies and lives of people in a number of innovative ways that will keep his clients on the fast track to healthy living.

"In 2011, I left New Orleans to embark upon a journey to a greater life in Los Angeles. Filled with fear, I pushed through it and left my home town. Throughout the 30 hour drive, there were many tests of courage.  These tests continued once I reached LA. All I had was $263.43 in my bank account, my 2003 chevy Silverado and a couch (place to stay) offered to me by my family to sleep on. As the days went on, things got worst. Some nights I cried myself to sleep wondering if I had made the right decision. Staring me in the face was a way out when my mom offered me $2000 to return home and enjoy the "SAFETY" I had lived in for so many years. But deep down my soul knew that I had to be here in order to evolve into the man I wanted to be. FAITH WOULD NOT ALLOW ME TO QUIT! DEEP DOWN I KNEW THERE WAS MORE FOR ME HERE....NOW! So I stayed, and one door…

Shaun Grant

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