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Sharon Bennett

Will your shoes be the Death of You?

Sharon Bennett is a native of San Antonio, Texas and realized her passion for writing through faithful inspiration. With a desire to plant a Seed of Thought to Provoke the Action of Change.  She speaks to motivate and empower others to a happier & healthier way of being with improved self-esteem, self-worth, and self-love to find their path.  With a Bachelor’s of Arts and a Bachelor’s of Science.  She is a 20-year veteran ICU Registered Nurse, Certified Life Coach, Motivational Speaker, poet, and author.  She’s written articles of empowerment that have appeared in numerous business newsletters and magazines both nationally, in Canada and London.  The only requirement for her empowerment events is to lighten up and have fun.  It was with the writing of her third book that she had a revelation that could affect the connection of all females; a way to empower and move towards maturity, self-love, and a real sisterhood, The Shoe Fetish Movement, is like a sort of “Rites of Passage,” with a twist.
The author & her co-author Beatrice are currently promoting the 2nd book of the Shoe Fetish Series, the sequel entitled, SHOE FETISH 2: Grown Into High Heels.  It was with the writing of this book that she had a revelation that could affect them.

Sharon Bennett

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