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Shannon Reinhardt

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Joseph's Tea ~ See, Smell, and Taste the Difference!

Joseph’s Tea is an online specialty tea shop offering teas made with high-quality, all-natural ingredients: you can see, smell, and taste the difference! Founders Guerby and Shannon have plans to open a physical location in the future and hope you will be a part of their journey. In the meantime, we invite you to taste, share, and join the Joseph’s Tea family and culture of healthy living!

Tea has many amazing properties and helps people live their best lives. Enjoying a cup of tea affords a reason to share an experience with family and friends, engage in conversations and laughter, or read a great book. We welcome you to sample our Joseph’s Tea varieties while enjoying life, one cup of tea at a time!

How Two Hearts Connected and Birthed a New Love for Tea and Wellness

Meet Shannon Reinhardt and Guerby Joseph: CEO and President of Joseph’s Tea.

Two hard-working entrepreneurs from New York City, Guerby and Shannon met while running their own businesses and looking for their soulmates. They found everything they were searching for in each other, fell in love, and began to work together on their passion projects.

The motivated pair love to travel and explore new spaces—especially beautiful and unique tea shops. They share a dream of creating magical experiences for people looking for a quiet break or a shared moment over a healthy cup of tea! They want to create a space for others to also make memories, meet up, and fall in love.

The pandemic open Shannon and Guerby’s eyes in March 2020. When they experienced loved ones getting ill, saw businesses closed, and were confined to their small apartment in Queens; priorities changed. Health, wellness, love, happiness, and relationships became more important to them than ever. The pair decided to combine their talents and efforts and make a difference by making a change in their own lifestyle and launching Joseph’s Tea as an online store to be able to help more people in need of the health benefits and serenity tea can bring.  They moved to Tampa Florida in June 2020, Launched Joseph’s Tea in July 2020, got engaged September 2020 and bought their first home in November 2020!

Joseph’s Tea represents the couple’s commitment to healthy living, wellness, and community. Their online tea shop highlights a carefully curated selection of delicious, high-quality teas meant for sharing a special moment of reflection or chatting with a friend!

Causes and Organizations

Joseph's Tea is proud to partner with a variety of Wellness Professionals that help people live happier, healthier, and more abundant lives.

One of our most recent partners is Limb Possible 

Limb Possible is an Organization and Brand formed to bring Inspiration, education, and self wealth to communities.

​We specialize in Motivational Assemblies and have spoken to over 100,000 students across the U.S.

​We have our Stand Up Amputee Basketball Team that competes all over the country and is sponsored by Game Over NYC.

We have also partnered with organizations such as Camp No Limits, The Fit Club, & The Limb Kind Foundation.

Shannon Reinhardt

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