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Shaina Wolff

Open the heart and the heart opens you

Open minded to all things of our universe. Gifted mother of two extremely sensitive and well boys! My love is in educating over holistic methodologies, sustainable and simple solutions to attract the correct amount of energy in manifestation and visualizations. Deepest joys in being a Holistic Pratitioner to others on their Conscious WellBeing Journeys. I'm a Certified Health Coach, Kundalini Yoga, Pranayama and Meditation Instructor, Community Advocate and Spiritual Entrepreneur. I love to listen, listening is an art and there is power in silence and being calm IS contagious! 

My core focus in teaching is building a bridge back from discontentment to self worthiness.

Igniting the fire in ones soul and passions of desires to come alive again hot, burning with vindicated force and purpose. Anything bold and beautiful or fun and ferocious is what you are and it is my calling to be your mirrored reflection of all that YOU are. 


Shaina Wolff

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