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Sarah Waraksa

“Modalities are chosen that support each individual’s needs and woven into a beautiful symphony for the body, mind and spirit” – Sarah

My name is Sarah and I am a Health and Wellness Massage Therapist!

I provide a nurturing, integrated therapy and every session with me is customized to each of my client’s individual needs:

I can utilize Thai Massage stretching to accompany my relaxing and flowing massage on the table. I can utilize Myotherapy to get into the deeper muscles to relieve tightness and knotting in a strong but gentle flow. Swedish and Deep tissue cover all the pressures I can work with to work with you. I am caring, compassionate, kind, respectful, and you will feel at home in my studio office and with me.

I truly care for each of my client’s health and happiness and seek to create a professional relationship where your wellness is my priority!

Sarah Waraksa

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