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sarah coyne

Accepting the difference. Respecting the individual. Connecting with all.

I have been in education since leaving school. I have taught special needs children and young adults. I have also taught Religious Studies, Philosophy, and Ethics at College.

I am also a writer of many books including 99 Ways to Rid Yourself of Toxic Relationships, Numinosity, The Book of Scrolls, Rainbow Child, and The Omega Letters.

I am also Tudorbeth, a teacher of the Craft, or as some would know it, Witchcraft. I come from a long line of practitioners of the Celtic hereditary tradition of magic and have written many books and articles on the subject.

I also write under the name of Flora-Beth Edwards in honour of my Welsh Great Grandmother who helped to shape the family with her strength and her stories of our traditional belief system and its myths and legends. I have written The Hieroglyphic Fae: The Sacred Language of Fairies, and also The Truth of Magic: Veritas Rerum Magia, which is a collection of children magical stories of strange beings.

I have written in many magazines regarding spiritual and mindfulness matters. I believe strongly in healthy mind and healthy body, which is connected and glued together by the soul or spirit, and that one cannot exist without the other.

Without the strength of Spirit we cannot go on, when we give up then our bodies and minds let go.

My different styles of writing are the examples of the synergy that is working within me. Body is Tudorbeth, Mind is S.L. Coyne and spirit or soul is Flora-Beth Edwards.

Furthermore, through all of these styles of writing there is a deep cord running through them and that is the impermanence of it all, that life is continually changing and we are changing everyday even if we do not recognise it.

Awards and Affiliations

My book Rainbow Child was a Finalist in the Wishing Shelf Awards in 2014

Causes and Organizations

My cause is Freedom for All in its many guises; colour, creed, faith; sexual orientation, gender, age, social class.

The rainbow has seven different colours flowing through it and its a thing of beauty, so why can't the human world have seven differences that flow through to one another?


sarah coyne

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