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    My Discourse– Rewiring of brain cells

    Is it really possible for someone to reprogram his or her brain to overcome depression? (Dr. Michelle from the USA)

    Answer: Yes, you have to reprogram or recondition your brain to overcome depression. It is called rewiring of our brain cells. As we know that depression is a collection of negative thought energy inside in the form of hatred, jealousy, anger, worry, anxiety, negativity, darkness etc. and we have conditioned our brain with negative thought patterns due to a negative environment or living with negative people in the form of useless thoughts without any proper reason, which could lead to depression because it is a tendency of brain cells to think negative and the more you think negative the more you get depressed.

    Therefore, in order to rewire our brain cells, we must decondition our brain cells first and then reprogram means we must think about positivity, peace, love, kindness, success etc. because we have to cultivate and feed our brain cells with the right positive thought patterns. For example, if you have a problem to stop smoking, you can reprogram your brain to think in ways that make it easier for you to become smoke-free and you have to cultivate and feed your subconscious mind that there are many harmful effects of smoking and it can cause lethal consequences and gradually you can quit it. It means you have to change the thinking pattern to quit smoking.

    Sanjeev Kumar