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I am the founder of Soulful Language .  Together, along with the Divine, I strongly believe Soulful Language has been created and continues to evolve. 

       I am the committed, sometimes overly so, mother of two children, one bulldog and grandmother of seven, a deeply intense seasoned woman who loves with a force that sometimes overwhelms those closest to me, a passionate mad woman in the kitchen, an amateur photographer, writer, an imperfect perfectionist,  a survivor of many life traumas and multiple famlliar and personal dysfunctions, a work of art in constant progress – but I have a profound dry sense of humor and believe that all our life experiences mold together to create and transform us to our unique selves.  The deeper the challenge the wider opportunity for growth and personal development grounded in unconditional love, forgiveness, compassion, faith and living with intention to acquire your highest and best life wholeheartedly

I am a graduate of the Master of Social Work Program from Rhode Island College.  I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker.

 For the last twenty years I have passionately pursued my non-traditional  private practice, taught at a local community college, and worked in an elementary school as a social worker promoting wellness and educational advocacy,   

Through the years, I held on tightly to my dream of one day expanding my private practice to a large scale wellness forum reaching out  and facilitating on a myriad of platforms, raising conscious awareness of personal transformation,  grounded is self exploration and the unfolding of authentic unconditional love of self; thus, integrating and manifesting that love and unconditional acceptance of others, while honoring your oneness of self.

My heartfelt intention then is to continue on in my journey of service and to provide those services in multiple ways.  I stand committed to each and every miracle soul that I cross paths with and promise to provide you with genuine hands on skills, tools and comprehensible guidance through each and every service, event and interaction you participate in here at Soulful Language.


“I believe there is a language…

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